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19 декабря 2013
Sofya Skaya was delighted by the "Love and the city" movie.
The actress Sofya Skaya along with her friend and colleague actress Olga Dibtseva visited the third part premiere of the best selling "Love and the city" movie. Both the film crew and the actors faced a challenging task to make the third part of the movie not only of the same quality like the previous two, but even better! And according to Sofya Skaya, who had a large experience working in Hollywood, the "Love and the city 3" ....
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28 января 2014
Sofya Skaya goes to Sochi to support the Russian national team
Sofya Skaya never sits still and has recently left to London to take part in the new movie casting. There are no details disclosed at the moment, but the fact is its going to be a romantic movie. Right after her hard work in London the actress is going to Sochi to support the Russian national team....
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Sofya Skaya will celebrate the new year in the middle of forrest

Sofya Skaya will celebrate the new year in the middle of forrest

The actress and the ballet dancer, Sofya Skaya plans to celebrate the new year traditionally in the bosom of her family at the "Bolshaya Medveditsa" resort, as Sofya believes theres nothing better at those days of new year holidays than being outdoors, making traditional Russian dishes, staring at white snow and deep starry sky and enjoy all that winter charms along with an opportunity to stay in peace and silence. That is to say, the coming of the year 2014 Sofya plans to celebrate in Tver region with her nearest and dearest.

Sofya Skaya: Ive already made all the presents, and for my husband Ive also prepared a creative surprise, but I wont expose it. Is has to be a secret.
Next year I decided to start working hard on my singing career, I plan to record an album. I already have two songs, which were used as a part of the "White swan" and "Ligeia" soundtracks. I plan to sing in English, but maybe will take a risk of recording one track in Russian. And, of course, a music video for one of the songs is planned. Besides, I want to make my friends a present by my next birthday: one-act ballet with me dancing. I believe I can make all that.

After the new year holidays Sofya Skaya goes to the Maldives and probably will do an interesting photo set there. But we will only get to know that next year!
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