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10 апреля 2014
Sofya Skaya took part in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel"
The filmography of the famous ballerina and actress Sofya Skaya now includes a new role in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel". The number of first-class actors in this movie guarantees that the "Opus of an angel" will become a decent work in Sofyas rich film collection....
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Sofya Skaya takes part in the new movie in Great Britain

Sofya Skaya takes part in the new movie in Great Britain

Sofya Skaya was just filmed for the new Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel" when it got about that the actress was confirmed for the role in the "Party Pieces by global watch" to be filmed in London from 28th May to 27th June. Apart from many roles in different movies the actress often takes part in various TV shows so she needs to start preparing for the filming in advance.

"I look forward to work in this movie, - tells Sofya Skaya, - every new project is a step forward for me. I always learn something from actors and the crew. We work as a single mechanism, easily understand each other. I love all that so much. Everybody is in charge for his job and strive to make everything perfect. Despite the production usually takes the whole day, the time spins away."

It is not known yet when the movie is to be released, but Sofya has already promised her fans will know that first from her official website.

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