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28 февраля 2014
Sofya Skaya: "I made a whole day full of crazy surprises!"
As we approach to the holidays Sofya Skaya shared with us some of her secrets on making presents. She noted that the more original the gift is the better it is, but you also need a sense of humor in preparing and making the surprise....
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10 апреля 2014
Sofya Skaya took part in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel"
The filmography of the famous ballerina and actress Sofya Skaya now includes a new role in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel". The number of first-class actors in this movie guarantees that the "Opus of an angel" will become a decent work in Sofyas rich film collection....
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Sofya Skaya: "Russia is the first again!"

Sofya Skaya: "Russia is the first again!"

"Our national Paralympics team showed themselves already on the first day by taking the overall leadership. The gold medal was won in the biathlon sprint by Vladislav Lekomtsev, Alyona Kaufman, Roman Petushkov and Mikhalina Lysova. The silver in biathlon sprint was won by Nikolay Polukhin, Julia Budaleeva, Anna Milenina and Svetlana Konovalova and in downhill by Inga Medvedeva and Alexey Bugayev. The biathlete Azat Karachurin and the downhill skier Alexandra Frantseva won the bronze.

I was not there on the first day but followed our sportsmen results with much pleasure. Im glad that Russia is the first again! I hope our team wont lose its fighting spirit and finishes as an absolute winner! Paralympics sportsmen is our pride! Lets wish them luck all together!

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Paralympics rooters, organizers and also its partner — the "Ottobox" company, which makes prosthesiss and has recently organized the "Paralympics movement" in "GUM". Thank you so much for your participation and contribution into the Sochi games.
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