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28 января 2014
Sofya Skaya goes to Sochi to support the Russian national team
Sofya Skaya never sits still and has recently left to London to take part in the new movie casting. There are no details disclosed at the moment, but the fact is its going to be a romantic movie. Right after her hard work in London the actress is going to Sochi to support the Russian national team....
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20 марта 2014
Sofya Skaya: "Russia is the first again!"
"Our national Paralympics team showed themselves already on the first day by taking the overall leadership. The gold medal was won in the biathlon sprint by Vladislav Lekomtsev, Alyona Kaufman, Roman Petushkov and Mikhalina Lysova....
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Sofya Skaya: "I made a whole day full of crazy surprises!"

Sofya Skaya: "I made a whole day full of crazy surprises!"

As we approach to the holidays Sofya Skaya shared with us some of her secrets on making presents. She noted that the more original the gift is the better it is, but you also need a sense of humor in preparing and making the surprise. In that case you and your soul mate will get an experience for the whole year. Just dont go too far with your ideas.

— I almost never have any problems in making a present. I try to use my whole imagination and surprise people. My main goal is the great mood of a person I make a gift for. For example, for the February 23rd I made a whole day full of crazy surprises for my husband. He had lots of fun, laughed out loud just as a little boy as well as I did. First I improvised with the toy gun under the "Katyusha" song. Can you even imagine what does that look like? It was just some crazy stuff! Then, of course, romantic candlelight dinner: I made a goose in apples. Of course, you dont make an crazy house of your holiday evening. The dinner is an excellent ending for the great day.

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