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This web-site helps you to get information about the young actress and dancer Sofya Arzhakovskaya and her creativity. Here you find videos, articles about Sofya, her work and hobbies. Read more

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28 апреля 2014

Sofya Skaya takes part in the new movie in Great Britain

Sofya Skaya was just filmed for the new Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel" when it got about that the actress was confirmed for the role in the "Party Pieces by global watch" to be filmed in London from 28th May to 27th June.
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10 апреля 2014

Sofya Skaya took part in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel"

The filmography of the famous ballerina and actress Sofya Skaya now includes a new role in the Hollywood movie "Opus of an angel". The number of first-class actors in this movie guarantees that the "Opus of an angel" will become a decent work in Sofyas rich film collection.
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20 марта 2014

Sofya Skaya: "Russia is the first again!"

"Our national Paralympics team showed themselves already on the first day by taking the overall leadership. The gold medal was won in the biathlon sprint by Vladislav Lekomtsev, Alyona Kaufman, Roman Petushkov and Mikhalina Lysova.
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28 февраля 2014

Sofya Skaya: "I made a whole day full of crazy surprises!"

As we approach to the holidays Sofya Skaya shared with us some of her secrets on making presents. She noted that the more original the gift is the better it is, but you also need a sense of humor in preparing and making the surprise.
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28 января 2014

Sofya Skaya goes to Sochi to support the Russian national team

Sofya Skaya never sits still and has recently left to London to take part in the new movie casting. There are no details disclosed at the moment, but the fact is its going to be a romantic movie.
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26 декабря 2013

Sofya Skaya will celebrate the new year in the middle of forrest

The actress and the ballet dancer, Sofya Skaya plans to celebrate the new year traditionally in the bosom of her family at the "Bolshaya Medveditsa" resort, as Sofya believes theres nothing better at those days of new year holidays than being outdoors, making traditional Russian dishes, staring at white snow and deep starry sky and enjoy all that winter charms along with an opportunity t.
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Sofya Skya at the official Opening Ceremony of the Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan City

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Christian Slater, Industria Kino 28.06.2013

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